Interdisciplinary designer
with Northen roots


I once heard that to understand mankind you have to at first understand its bread story.

With that in mind, during the decolonization project, I designed a live interactive performance using 1 table, 45 eaters, 45 pieces of fresh bread, 45 stories, 45 listeners, and 1 recipe to encourage this understanding process.

October 2021, Maastricht

What does it say if a nation eats bread just on very rare occasions?
Or that they eat bread without a crust?
Or that the bread recipe hasn't changed throughout years and has been kept in very big secrecy?
Or that the meal doesn’t even count if there isn’t bread involved?

I believe that the answers to our national identities can be found in very simple questions like these.
We just have to learn how to listen better.

Photo credit: Ana Pop


What's your Bread story?
What stories can Bread bring to the table?
What can your Bread tell about you?

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