Interdisciplinary designer
with Northen roots

Essential changes in life happen subtly. They could be seen as the opposite of a devastating earthquake, a natural fire or a violent hurricane. Often important moments in life go unseen. Being interested in designing circumstances and conditions, rather than “things”, I, by constantly changing between the roles of the artist, designer and creator, poke at the systems established by our society to instigate change from within. I offer a moment to forget the rushing reality and to look within oneself, the only place where there may be a point of peace between the spiritual and earthly world.

Questioning the essence of human nature, identities, relationships and truth in them – “Why are we as we are? Who has influence over us? And who do we want to be?” has always been my focus. Through different mediums such as graphic design, film, photography and UX I create reflections for both myself and others regarding what it means to be human in this human-centric world and where we go from there.

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